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  1. FRESH AND VALID DUMPS IS UPDATED NOW 90% VALID RATE PLEASE BUYERS I ONLY SELL US DUMPS STATE IN BASE NOW NEW YORK CALIFORNIA GEORGIA TEXAS PENNSYLVANIA MICHIGAN FLORIDA VIRGINIA MISSOURI ILLINOIS OHIO COLORADO OKLAHOMA UTAH MISSOURI NEW JESRSEY THIS ARE THE STATES THAT I HAVE IN BASE NOW SO YOU CAN REQUEST FOR YOUR STATE NOW ======= >>>>CASHOUT INSTRUCTIONS, INFORMATION FOR SUCCESS RESULTS casher's use this generator to generate track1 from track2, after that they record both tracks (track1+track2) on magnetic stripe, then they cashout successful Most POS terminal require both tracks to be on magnetic stripe You can generate Track1 from Track2 - One by ONE In case POS require authorization code to be enter on POS keypad .. - You need to write last 4 digits from ccnumber (digits before "=") For a example..: 42345678910111213=1708101xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Verification code witch need to be enter on this dump is: 1213 After that you will be able to cashout all dumps successful. Im telling you all this, just to make sure you success and not return with complain. Names need to be the same like your casher's name (in case owner in store ask for ID to check names are same or not) You can write any name you want. That name will show up on POS screen display Most of Dumps will decline If they are Not swipeIn thier own State Even they are 100% Valid Just POS Detects Regions and Refuse Also kill Dumps If Swiped And Erro Show up On the Display Screen : DECLINED About STATES =: I recomend you to focus on states witch are the same like your or your casher's state area. If you swipe different state dumps inside different state, i cant guarantee 100% successful rate, most will be frozen by bank and will decline even if dumps swiped are 100% valid. that's why states are so important. We provide always 100% valid dumps with both (Track1+Track2) + SecretCode and cashout results will depend on casher's skills and knowlage in this. if you want to see 100% cashable approval report .. that's why i recomend you to swipe dumps inside their own state location area. So that You Can make Big Money RULES AND CONDITIONS OF SALE *Stuffs are given to you only after payment.! NO TIME WASTING *Stuffs will be send to you immediately after receive your payment.. *I check my stuffs at the request of the customer *I do not give any tests,please dont waste my time... *Dont add me if ur not ready for biz * Instant Delivery with BTC ( BITCOIN ) YOU CAN CONTACT ME ON You Can Email me Via : ICQ : 621264 WE ARE BOTH HERE TO MAKE MONEY SO RESPECT US LIKE WE RESPECT YOU
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